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From L to R: Peter Potosa, Randy, Jason, Majur Marwol, James Majur Ater.

Howdy all,

True to how we have historically rolled, we went a few months with not-a-whole-lot going on. Our trip is rescheduled for March. We are very excited because James Majur Ater will be joining us this time.

James is the chairman of the Worldwide SPLA Veterans Diaspora (the official organization for displaced Sudanese veterans across the world). He has been instrumental in our success overseas and this will be his first time home in over 25 years. This will surely be a momentous trip and I personally can't wait to see everyone freak out because James is back.

Now on to the Justice Jam. We are holding an event at the Refuge in Overland Park on February 17th to raise funds for the ongoing work in Sudan. For details on the event, visit http://Facebook.com/FieldsOfFury (also a shameless plug for my new band. There will be three bands, a presentation by some of us from Hope Sudan and then a time of prayer and worship. This is sure to be a great time.

Were highly excited to be going bak and seeing how things are going. As always we'll be keeping everyone updated.


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