It's on. Like totally on. Seriously.

Hello to all of our friends. You may not remember us. You may have thought we dropped off the face of the planet or got swallered up by a giant rock python. Well, we didn't. I (Randy) was just being really lazy. Forgive us for the lack of updates, but for a few months, things have been quiet in Out Of The Dust/Hope Sudan Charity Organization - land.

Thankfully, that's all about to change. Jason and I are tremendously excited to announce that we'll be going back to Sudan at the end of October to lay the groundwork for the Hope Sudan agriculture project, wrap up some HSCO-related business in Juba, visit the orphanage in Nimule, and no doubt spend some time with our friends in Cueibet county. We couldn't be more excited and we will of course be keeping you up to date like we did in January right here on this blog.

We'll be posting specifics on what we're doing, our plan of attack, etc in the coming weeks. But it's good to know that we're going!

Grace and Peace

Randy and Jason

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