The club can't even handle us right now.

Been a hot minute since we've updated you all on the goings-on with our friends and our work, so I thought it high time to make a post.

Jason and I had the opportunity to attend a wild celebration in Overland Park on a Saturday night in April. About 500 Sudanese (and a small handful of Americans) packed a small convention center for good food, speeches from SPLA officials and leaders of the Sudanese Diaspora, and most important: random outbursts of song and dance. It was truly something special to see. I took some video with my phone and I apologize for the quality, but I think it will give you a good idea of what it was like :).

In other news, we've continued working on planning the agriculture project in Abiriu; we have established contact with some people who are very knowledgeable in drip irrigation with experience implementing these types of projects. We are hoping to make a trip to survey the area planned for farming later this year and begin implementation by the beginning of 2012. There is a great list of needs for doing this (as one would imagine) and we will have detail on that soon.

We've given the Hope Sudan International Charity website a facelift and invite you to check it out. We still have tons of footage and pictures that we need to compile and post so you can get a real taste of the trips we make.

We'll have more updates soon on the projects and on the Hope Sudan site.

Until then,

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