breaking ground

It has not been that long since we started digging in and really pushing hard for the development of South Sudan.  So much has been done and so much more is needed.  We now have decent roads from Rumbeck to Cueibet and an excellent vehicle for transportation.  The local community has embraced us in every way and we have an open door to help change this entire community.  As I write this the 2 wells are being finished, one for the community and one for our next project... Agriculture.   I will be the first to admit that I personally know nothing about this issue.  However, what I do know is this; it has fallen on us to be the very people to research and develop a system of irrigation to coincide with our newly drilled water resources.  As far as I know we are still the only ones partnering with these beautiful people to assist in their personal rebuilding of their nation.  Each region is very different from the next and the needs of South Sudan are greater than I can list.  But we know what the Gok Dinka have expressed to us personally.  We are not reaching the whole of the south, only one region.  Water, agriculture, and education..... this is our vision.  I personally believe we can develop a system of agriculture that will far surpass anything the South has ever seen and empower the people to become self sufficient.  They have been running for the greater part of 5 decades and those who are now in place have never known anything except survival.  They have not been given the chance to develop.  But a new day has come.  South Sudan has successfully separated from the north and the iron grip of tyranny and control has ended.  Now is the time for development. Now is the time for change.  We have a wide open door to move ahead and give hope to a people that have never known anything but fear and insecurity.   Join us in this mission.  Help us change the face of a nation.  We welcome any input, thoughts, experience......  we need all the help we can get.   Against all odds everything that we have put our hand to has succeeded and I have no doubt this endeavor will follow suit.   Thanks again to everyone who has sacrificed to see this through.  Stick with us. 

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