We have the Land Rover- and we're in the news

Jason and Mori Luka in Nimule

Just want to post a quick update to you all from Jason, who is still in Kenya:

Hey sorry for the delay. I made it to Mombasa early Friday morning and spent almost 14 hours at the port. At the end of the day i was able to leave with the land rover. I went to the hotel recommended by our good friend Timothy and it was perfect. Cheap and secure. I went back to the port on Saturday and waited for bout 6 hours only to be told to come back on Monday. So I spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing. I did go to the beach but its not the luxurious white sands you see in the magazine. But it was good to relax. When Monday morning came i was the first person at the port. I thought i had more paper work to acquire but oh no. All i had to do was get some Lady "Port Master's" signature. That's it. I was a bit irritated because i saw the lady both days and all she had to do was sigh the bill of lading. No problem. So with the help of John Moyi we got a local "artist" to paint a piece of metal to resemble a license plate. Works for me. Its crazy, i spend so much time looking at the maps of all the streets of every major city we would be travelling through i made it out of Mombasa and to the Methodist guest house in Nairobi without missing a turn. I was actually shocked at how simple it was. I had two legit customs check points which were a breeze and about 7-8 police road blocks. Every stop was just like travelling through Sudan, they would signal me to stop and as I slowed down and rolled the window down they would all just smile, salute and wave me through. Keep up the prayers, the favor is good.

However there has been a major tragedy. Both the ipod and the iphone have shorted and all music is lost. I wanted to cry. I am now left with the local stations and let me say its pretty bad. It will go from traditional Kenyan to Huey Lewis, To horrid 80's emo, back to Kenyan, then to nine in nails. After 9 hours of that I was done.

I leave tomorrow for Kampala. I am taking Silas, Christine, and another elderly Sudanese lady who has not been home in many years. Conversation should prove interesting.

Ill email again today to give you a run down of the next week. all is well and i appreciate everything you guys are doing on that side. God bless

Keep him in prayer. It's a long drive from Nairobi to Kampala, and then a longer, more brutal drive from Kampala all the way up to Rumbek and Cueibet.

Also- there was an article in the Hutchinson News (the newspaper from the town I grew up in) about our trip. You can check it out here. A special thanks to Kevin Hardy with the Hutch News for the article!

We'll keep you updated as we hear more from Jason. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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