Surely I can't title too many of these "quick update," but....

Just 'cause these don't look right without a picture... This is from the 2010 trip.

Just a quick update here. There, I said it.

Jason has made it out of Nimule to Juba with the Land Rover. We sent him some paperwork he needed today to get registration secured. After that he oughta be on his way to Rumbek and then to the final destination for a mission accomplished!

We also need to mention that while in Nimule, Mori Luka came down with what was determined to be typhoid and narrowly escaped out of it. We are thankful to God that Jason was able to be there at the time and get him to the hospital to be taken care of. A couple of the other children came down with it and it was thought that it was due to the water supply. Please keep them in prayer so that it will come to an end.

In other news, results from the referendum appear to be available and an article on Sudantribune.com indicates the president of the North is endorsing the independence of South Sudan. This is a bit unbelievable, but if this transition to independence for South Sudan goes peacefully, it will be absolutely unprecedented and a total shock to many.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more from Jason. He should have the vehicle at the final destination and be getting on a plane by the end of this week!


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