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1.12.11 written from Nairobi

We are back at the Methodist Guesthouse where our journey in Africa began. There have been some significant updates that we need to bring you up to speed on.

We recently found out that the ship the Land Rover is on has been delayed in Jerusalem as it was randomly picked for a customs search. Unfortunately, this means that the vehicle is not going to be here by the "original re-scheduled" of January 14th. This also means that I, Randy, will not be able to be here to pick up the vehicle with Jason. However, Jason will be remaining here to retrieve the vehicle and complete the mission of getting it to Sudan.

Although I'm greatly disappointed, I know that it's all for a specific reason that it won't be getting delivered when we thought it would happen. There's so many variables and so many things that could go awry; so, just as we did from the very beginning, we're looking to God and trusting that He's got this thing under control. No problem.

On an updates-related note, we began our morning on 1.12 by meeting with Mayom Tulba Malual, advisor to the governor of Lakes State for Economic Affairs. We discussed our mission in Sudan and we were pledged further assistance and amenities on further trips, which we are DEFINITELY looking forward to.

We hung out and had some lunch next to the airstrip and got on the plane for Lokichokkio. Once we were in Loki, the fun began as we sorted our way through the chaotic mess to get our bags checked, get harrassed by the people wanting to see our yellow fever cards, having us get ready to board the plane and then discovering that they over-booked the flight. Jason offered to stay a night in luxurious Lokichokkio until the next flight provided they put him up and give him round-trip credit for another trip to and from Rumbek. They didn't decline, but pretty soon they said we'd be boarding at 5:30 "because the temperature was too hot for the amount of people on the plane....."

Anyway, nothing interesting going on. Ate some food when we got here to the Methodist. Spent 1.13 AM drinking some coffee and looking for a place to buy some trinkets. It's hard to come by cool stuff here. Every place you go has the exact same stuff that you would see at Third Planet back home- save for the patchouli stink (just kidding- I kinda like patchouli).

During the afternoon of 1.13, we met with the boys here. We had sodas, some food, talked with them about their goals and their schooling, and then we had a meeting with them and Uncle Awan, who they were getting to meet for the first time. Getting to see these guys is so awesome each and every time. I got some good video that I will upload when I have the luxury of time back in the states.

Last night, we went to Carnivore. Anyone who comes to Nairobi needs to experience this place. Basically, you get a hot skillet put in front of you, and guys walk around the restaurant with huge swords full of skewered, roasted meet. In one sitting, we dined on beef, chicken, lamb chop/sausage/roast, camel, crocodile, pork ribs, ostrich, and you have the option of eating "ox balls." I skipped that but some of the other guys tried that... yeah.

Right now it's about 1 PM in Nairobi on 1.14, and we are eating some Samosas and drinking soda, waiting for the evening to roll around so we can  fly home. Tim, Charlie, Mike and Aim will all be flying home through Amsterdam. I am flying solo through Brussells. I don't have any shoes right now, just some flip flops and socks, so keep my feet in prayer.

Looking forward to being back home, but we need to ultimately stress that this is not the end of the mission or the end of the blog. Once the vehicle is delivered, we will begin planning for the next trip to start the process of prepping the land for the agriculture project. Wells will be drilled on the property. The gospel continues to go to the people and lives are transformed. Raising these people out of the dust continues. Jason and I will continue to update. See you on the flipside.

Randy, Jason and the guys

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