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All right- first and foremost, my apologies for being lazy about updating the blog. I have had several people ask about the progress of the mission, and there has been a lot of progress, so here we go.

We have upgraded the Land Rover with the following:  
  • Air cushions in the rear suspension that allow us to raise the ride height when the vehicle is weighed down so we won't bottom out. This allows us to carry and additional 1000 pounds. It's all powered by a compressor switch under the dash (see picture)
  • Hard core knobby swamp crawler tires. Nuff said. Limo tint that will keep our profile low and fool would-be "obstacles" into thinking we're government workers- not a couple of crazy mzungus/khawajas (white guys depending on what language you're speaking) driving through East Africa.
  • A custom-built (thanks to Rice Precision Manufacturing) steel cage that sticks onto the back of the Rover that will hold a TON of weight (probably literally).

Basically, this thing looks mean now. It is ready to tear up some bush, jungle, mud, whatever you throw at it. 

Other developments:
  • We've secured arrangements to ship the vehicle to Mombasa.
  • We all have plane tickets purchased. Jason and I (Randy) will leave Christmas day, secure the Land Rover at Mombasa and begin the drive to Rumbek/Cueibet County.
  • Hope Sudan Charity Organization is officially recognized in Sudan as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). This will allow us to make our way through Kenya, Uganda and Sudan with a lot less hassle than if we were just trying to ship it for pleasure.

Things aren't all set, however.
Jason man-handling the poor
tent model at Bass Pro Shop

  • We will need 3,000 for the boys' tuition in Nairobi. We covered the last semester with the church fund.
  • We'll still need cash for various things like entry, duties on the vehicle (even under NGO status), fuel, other arrangements.
  • WE NEED PRAYER. God has provided so much but empowers us to be stewards of what He's blessed us with. If you feel led, please give by donating through the paypal button on the right. You can also generate money just by clicking on the ads!

In addition to your prayers for finances, we also need it for safety. In all the excitement, it gets really easy to forget that we are driving a vehicle into one of the most war-torn areas of the world that is preparing for the possibility to go through another war. We don't believe anything will happen, but we definitely need your prayers.

Thanks to everyone for standing with us in so many ways. Just think about it- three months ago this seemed like a pipe dream, and now it's happening! It's an unbelievable feeling.

Until next time,
Randy on behalf of the group

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