6 weeks and counting/Meet the boyz

Would these guys not make the ultimate entourage?

Not a whole lot of new developments, but thought I would take the opportunity to let everyone know that the vehicle is out to sea and before long, we will have the ability to track it. As the time draws near, we get more and more giddy and can taste the dust, smell the smoky air and hear the chorus of thousands of roosters that greets one each morning they wake up in the cool air of Cueibet County. We're stoked. 

Anyway, meet the boys. Jason and Tim first met these boys by coincidence in Nairobi in 2007 when they were on their way to the first Cueibet visit. The boys were alone, not one of them over 20 years old, all living in a tiny one bedroom "apartment" in one of the worst parts of Nairobi. It's not easy being a Dinka in the middle of Kenya. It's next to impossible to find any employment and make money. Food is even more scarce than it would be normally.

The boys "just happened" to be from Cueibet and were Gok Dinka. However, what made their brotherhood so unique is that they all hail from different sub-tribes of the Gok; sub-tribes that have experienced fighting and animosity amongst each other for decades. These boys are all going to school and returning to Sudan educated and ready to take place in prominent government positions as well as being teachers, engineers, businessmen, etc. They will serve as a positive example and bring unity to the Gok.
Being able to meet these guys has been such a blessing. When you hang around them, you just get the feeling that you are in the presence of great men (or future great mean, that is). They have awesome hearts and are so appreciative of the fact that people care about them.

Your donations go to pay for these boys' school, food, clothes. They appreciate it more than you can know. Here's an excerpt from an email that Peter (standing, 2nd from left) sent me. Peter's the oldest and kind of the ringleader:

"Dear brother Randy,

We are so sorry for not sending you our photo very soon. We are confined in school that is why we have no time to come out and do something in the computer. Now we are happy that we finally sent it.

Our studies are going on very well and we owe you everything for rising our world by doing what

seems to be most impossible thing, but with God all things are possible. we promise and call upon the help of God to assist us changing the lives of our people.

Since you people started paying our school fees, we feel loved and now we have so many visions of what we would want to be as God has planned.

Like me my fist thing to do is to build a largest Church in South Sudan which I must name after the Olathe House Church over there. I'm very confidence and sure about this trust me.

We are aware that you and Jason are coming,we are very excited to seeing you again, you know, when we think of you, we see you playing a guitar, but for Jason, we see him catching a very big snake and for pastor Tim, we see him praying for every one of us anointing us to a very great task. You mean a lot to us and our people as whole. So we truly miss everyone of you and can't wait to see your faces again.

Greet your family for us and tell them we love them.Reply if you have received.

Your brother


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