We're well-done and 700 bones closer!

Awan Ater
What a busy week! This has fast become another full-time job for the lot of us, as plotting and scheming for this trip takes up the lion's share of our time. Every night is spent driving around the metro area to look into different needs, making phone calls, drinking coffee- you know, missionary stuff.
We've begun pondering how we could pull off just planning this stuff as a full-time job. Can't think of many things we'd rather do.

James Ater
We had been looking forward to taking the vehicle out to Awan and James Ater for them to see. The excitement in their eyes and their joy at knowing their friends and family back home will have the nicest vehicle in Lakes State is worth all the time and effort alone. How glorious it will be to pull into Chumnyiel and see the looks on everyone's faces!

Saturday rolled around, and we found ourselves baking in the hot sun and workin' hard for the money. You better treat us right.

Jason, Randy and Kevin workin' it
A crew of about 12 of us spent 5 hours in the 100-degree heat and the time was WELL worth it. By the time 3 PM rolled around, we had generated almost 700 bucks to go towards the trip AND passed out flyers to every person who came through. We are extremely thankful to everyone who came out and donated- know that your money is going to the poorest of the poor and is making a huge difference in people's lives.

We did some further research on what we need to beef up the suspension on the 'Rover. This thing is truly built to do what we need it to do. The undercarriage is heavily protected, so we need only add some air-cushion things to the shocks and construct our basket that will mount on the back of this beast. One other consideration is that we will need to get a more aggressive tire for the off-road-type stuff we're getting ready to do. However, we have these 18-inch rims and apparently off-road tires are hard to come by for that size of rim. We'll probably have to sell the ones we have with the nice new tires on them and get some smaller rims and tires. If anyone knows anyone or anything and wants to help us out- please hit us up with an email.

Other than that- the next major expense is the shipping of the vehicle to Mombasa. Timing plays a HUGE part in this as we have to be there when the ship docks or else we can get charged buku bucks for storage. That means that we can't purchase our plane tickets until we know when that boat is supposed to pull in. It's likely that we will have to fly out on Christmas day. Can't think of a better way to spend it!

Looking forward to next week's car wash as well as whatever things God has in store for us. Please spread awareness and keep us in your prayers as we work this thing out detail by detail!

- Randy on behalf of the group

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