Oh, it's on. Like, FOR REAL. It's totally on.

So we've been planning this wild idea of ours for about 3 weeks now. It all started when we had a little get together at Jason's house with some Dinka leaders- Awan and James Ater in particular- to discuss our next trip to Sudan.

Jason's wife Tiffany, who went on the inaugural visit to Sudan herself (intense woman!), made some awesome food and we heard stories from Awan and James (read about them here) about Sudan and some of the things they went through. Amazing stuff, I hope to post some of it here someday. The stuff that these guys have been through is just mind-blowing.

At any rate, they managed to plant a bug in our ear about this whole shipping-of-the-cars-to-Kenya-and-driving-them-to-Sudan business. A week or so later, Jason gets restless and then we have this blog, this crazy idea that seems like a pipe dream, and a perfectly good Saturday afternoon spent talking to car dealers. The more we did, the weirder it got. Could this actually happen?!

Yesterday, we met with a friend of mine from Quest Diagnostics, Jason Sander, who shares our heart for missions and wishes to go on this trip with us. As we were walking out of the Starbuck's, he mentions this little car dealership that we need to check out in Olathe- All American Motors. We had 20 minutes to kill, so why not?

We pulled into their parking lot and see a 2000 Land Rover (the car we knew we wanted) in the rearview mirror. There's this weird feeling we're starting to get used to. We know what's been put in our hearts to do and that there's a God who makes the impossible things happen- "He calls those things that are not as though they were." We're beginning to believe that this Land Rover has been in the loving care of some Johnson County soccer-mom (nothing against soccer moms- gotta love 'em) for the last 10 years, just waiting for the two of us to get in this thing and drive it across Africa. All of this wheelin' and dealin's just a bunch of little side missions He has that involve us meeting new people that he wants to do things for along the way.

The guys at the dealership were great. We spent some time talking with them. We expected the same crazy look we had been getting all along when we gave the spiel. Instead, we got confirmation. They were digging what we were about and were prepared to help out in any way they could.

And help they did. They have given of themselves to make this happen for these people. Fast forward 24 hours later to today. Jason and I are driving out of All American Autos in a beautiful 2000 Land Rover Discovery II. All leather, 2 sunroofs, low miles, power everything and a 6 CD changer. 

This is definitely a surreal feeling. Going to a place like Sudan is surreal enough; but to know that this January, these people who had NOTHING two years ago are going to have a well drilled, agriculture, and now the nicest ride in all of Southern Sudan... this just plain doesn't feel real. We spent a good hour at Tim's place freakin' out about how cool this all was.

So, what was originally just a wild idea is QUICKLY becoming a reality. We still have a long way to go, but what was seemingly the biggest part of it- getting a vehicle- is DONE! So, here's a mock-up of "the list."

  • Get a vehicle DONE
  • Outfit it to travel across Africa (beef up suspension, tires, add plates under motor, etc)
  • Arrange to have it shipped (drive it to NY or Houston, get it on the boat)
  • Get plane tickets and arrange logistics of getting US to Africa
  • Get money for the "Lost Boys'" tuition (also a major part of the trip)

Needless to say, we have a ways to go. But tonight shows us that this thing is going to come to fruition. We aren't gonna lie- we need your help. Pray for this thing to happen, and if you feel led to part with ANYTHING to go to these people, then get in touch with us or come and get your car washed.

But just in case you are wondering if this is possible... peep the pictures again. We got the sweet ride now. It's on.

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